Scherolyn A. Leggett

I’m an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse at Michigan Medicine, formerly knows as University of Michigan. I’ve been employed at the University since 1984 in various capacities, as a nurse since 1995 and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) since 2008. I have only worked in cardiology during my nursing career, first as a staff nurse on the stepdown unit for a short period of time in the Intensive Care Unit. Currently I am the CNS for both. In my spare time I do and have done many things, I’m a connoisseur of the hobby. I see something interesting and put my attention and money to figuring out how to do it. Things like cooking, jewelry making, make up application, calligraphy, greeting card making, and the list goes on. I briefly had a greeting card business but currently just make cards for friends for former customers upon request. My work can been seen on Instagram @scherolyn_cardcreator.