Stanley Buffonge

Stanley Buffonge is a PhD researcher on the 4-year British Heart Foundation programme at the University of Bristol. He was born on the Island of Montserrat W.I. and raised in London. Stanley completed his undergraduate studies in Physiology at the University of Glasgow where his passion for the heart and diabetes further developed. This has led him to his PhD focus on diabetic cardiomyopathy, where his work aims to restore damaged structures of the coronary microvasculature by therapeutically targeting specific proteins. His scientific interests extend beyond his research as through studying physiology he has seen the importance for integration and collaboration.

His passion for change is highlighted by his participation in various charities. He has spent years actively volunteering for charities such as Anthony Nolan and, participating in fundraising events such as concerts leading him to gain a certificate of gratitude by the Mayor of Canterbury on behalf of the Kent Multiple Sclerosis Charity.

Stanley has always had a passion for widening participation and is determined to break down the barriers that may prevent this. Being on the first youth advisory board for an education and communication company in London (Edcoms), Stanley has initiated change in multiple ways mainly through his position as a leader. Having been the president of the African and Caribbean Society at the University of Glasgow, Stanley was able to encourage conversations and increase the awareness of the work that needed to be done on campus

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